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Over 50 years ago our mom and dad began taking care of many of their older sisters and brothers
at our home, which they lovingly built. 
It is situated on 80+ acres of scenic countryside which they fondly called "Emerald Acres".  
It was like a peaceful retreat that our aunts and uncles felt blessed to experience.   



Looking to our 
strawberry field
beyond the
newly planted
copse of

  View from
the orchard
down to the
(circa. 1960s) 


 Now we can honor their memory as we continue in their footsteps, with their beloved Emerald Acres.


Emerald Acres is a beautiful home in the scenic countryside that will become a residence for independent seniors and baby boomers.  It will have individual rooms with private baths. Many common socializing rooms include living room, family room, game room, exercise room, library, sitting room, upstairs balcony, and backyard patio.  Services and amenities will include 3 prepared  family-style meals daily in the dining room, housekeeping, utilities and maintenance-free living.   As we grow, we will add more amenities and activities on the grounds, with several expansion plans within the next decade. 


We are retro-fitted and unique in the area.




The mission of Emerald Acres is to create a unique residential experience for independent retirees,
providing value and quality services for the residents at reasonable prices...
an affordable "retirement resort"
Our goal is to establish a retirement residence that radiates personalized attention in a
bed and breakfast style atmosphere, 
presents in-house entertainment and activities, 
offers many indoor amenities of a resort
and extends many further luxuries of a spa & health club
with the possibility to develop many outdoor recreation features of a dude ranch
all encompassed by the peaceful setting of a retreat.

WOW, those evergreens are 70 feet tall now!  You'll see a multitude of deer running through them! 



We will strive to position Emerald Acres as the best independent retirement residence in the area:

Create a unique living experience for those over age 55,

combining aspects of bed & breakfast, spa & retreat--

think B&B with R&R!


  • Provide wide-ranging indoor and outdoor Entertainment, Recreation & Activities 
                                ---a new ERA--year round
  • Offer customers a longterm peace-of-mind benefit, but no mandatory long term commitment 
  • Possess in-house flexibility and control of the resources needed to deliver our services
  • Compliment my contacts and experience in the eldercare retirement-living business with online resources
  • Present a priceless alternative to lonely apartment living; 
              an amenity that so many seniors, empty nesters and widowers miss:  family-style living 


My contact at the local senior center has emphasized that our valuable offering could be

highly successful by merely promoting the phrase, "never alone!"

Retiree favorite activities and preferences that we can offer:


  * Near a body of water

* Fishing

* Golfing on premises (there are also several golf courses in the area)

* Gardening

* Exercise

* Cooking

* Walking/hiking

* Bingo, cards and other games

We do not offer continuing care; instead we could grow to attract more of the younger, active, and more affluent boomer segment. 




In our 55+ residence, we wish to offer and eventually develop the same amenities

offered by the successful retirement homes, reflecting what the people want:

  • A full-time bed & breakfast type beautiful home in a country estate-like setting
  • A very unique and elegant style of living in a land full of cold warehouse type facilities
  • Maintenance-free living, with snow removal, trash removal, and lawn care included
  • Accommodations in private or semi-private rooms of their choice
  • Each room with its own private bath and possibly a small frig/coffee-maker/microwave kitchenette area
  • Each room with phone, cable and internet ready wiring, but not included in price
  • Three family style meals a day, and themed dinner nights in the formal dining room,  as well as a community country kitchen where residents can enjoy spontaneous meals & snacks 24/7, or participate in cooking parties, bake-offs and wine-tastings
  • Weekly laundry service and housekeeping; also residents can use the laundry room for their personals
  • Parking for residents who want to drive their own cars and who can come and go as they please
  • Picturesque grounds, scenic pond, fields, streams, and woods for relaxation & sporting activities
  • Wild life viewing, bird watching, fishing, paddleboats, horseshoes, bocce ball, and more as we grow
  • 3 miles of trails for walking, hiking, jogging, and more as we grow
  • Room for each resident to have their own small gardening area
  • A large back patio and area for cookouts with grill, patio furniture and other backyard accoutrements
  • A 2nd floor common balcony with cafe style tables for leisure coffee & snacking while enjoying the view
  • A Formal Living room and casual family room with fireplace
  • A library stocked with books and peaceful sitting room upstairs
  • A recreation great room with huge brick & stone hearth, big screen TV, billiards, bar, bingo & more
  • A mirrored exercise room with many pieces of equipment, aerobics workouts, and Wii games on big TV
  • Scheduled activities, entertainment, games, movies & flexibility to change according to residents' wishes
  • Ability to change & grow easily in a personalized way with ongoing changing residents' needs & wishes 
  • The room to expand; for more residents, more amenities, and more recreational activities on the grounds
  • ADA compliant features, a dumbwaiter and a ready chairlift
  • A security system and full-time live-in 24/7 personnel 




apples and oranges (and strawberries) 

Retirement apartment "complexes" constitute the largest percentage of senior housing in terms of units. 

The person who prefers a smaller cozy B&B atmosphere is not typically interested in a hotel/motel climate.  

That and the comparison of rates, which are substantially higher in the senior complexes, do not put such facilities in the category of competitor. 


  1.  (apples?)  apartment building with hefty entrance fee. 
  2.  (oranges?)  or a pricey independent cottage, in cookie-cutter form. 

 EMERALD ACRES, the unique third type of residence offering different parameters that stand apart...             and our rates are still cheaper!

When you are comparing apples and oranges, we are the strawberry, which means less direct competition!


Woods & Wildlife!
Bed & Breakfast!
Expansive Estate!
Rest & Relaxation!
Room to Grow!





COMPETITIVE EDGE     We start with a critical competitive edge....

There is no competitor in the area that offers such a unique combination:

Our residence has the potential to combine the ambience of a bed & breakfast (lunch & dinner!) in family-style dining, with many features and amenities of a spa, retreat, dude ranch, & resort with entertainment--all in one!



  1. FAMILY STYLE  We will offer personal attention and family-style dining in a homey "bed and breakfast" type atmosphere, which is totally unique in the area. In fact, we are unlike 98% of the retirement residences across the country, which are either a totally private cottage/home on a grid of cookie-cutter homes, or a totally private apartment in an apartment building.    We are small and more personal, yet our  "manor"  has a grand appearance (especially when we decorate for Christmas).   Numerous elderliving business contacts have stated that  "family-style" living is a unique niche that lonely empty nesters and widowers crave.
  2. EXTENSIVE GROUNDS  Most retirement complexes don't offer a large campus for extensive outdoor activities.    They may have a couple acres.     Unlike ordinary retirement residences, we are encompassed by 80+ acres of scenic countryside, including fields and stream, pond and mature woods with three miles of already-made trails. Not only can we offer most of the same indoor amenities, we also have the ability and space to grow and offer many forms of indoor and outdoor recreation, both invigorating as a health club, and relaxing as a retreat.
  3. FIRST CLASS ENTERTAINMENT   Think of the movie "Holiday Inn" with Bing Crosby & Fred Astaire!  With my 30+ year background in the entertainment field in NY, including over 25 years in therapeutic recreation, I will host musical and other activities, including themed parties and holiday entertainment, where everything from menu to music is woven into the mix for the day.  However, I am more than an activity director. I will entertain DAILY as I do at all those other complexes that hire me as an outside vendor to perform shows for their special events.  


most of the other retirement residences, we can offer a recreation room and bingo, cards and various games, big TV, internet, library, community kitchen, back patio, balcony, cooking, exercise, laundry & housekeeping, entertainment & activity programs, maintenance free living, and meals, although some places charge extra for meals.

most of the other retirement residences, we can focus more on independent and active living; not assisted living.


Let's compare:

They may have manicured lawns to look at...

             We have extensive grounds for actual outdoor recreation.

They may have a water fountain...

            We have an actual pond for fishing, boating or swimming.

They may have a paved pathway in the back yard from point A to point B...

            We have 3 miles of hiking trails in the woods.

They may have a putting green...

           We have a driving range.

They may have an area for horseshoes...

           We have enough grounds for horseback riding, archery and more.

Their residents' "garden" may consist of a plant in a styrofoam cup on the windowsill...

           We have room for everyone to plant an actual garden.

They have restaurant meals...

           We have the unique family-style dining in a bed & breakfast atmosphere. 

They may have a room with a pool table / ping-pong table... 

           We have room for a pool and a tennis court.

They may have their private apartment or cottage...

          We have a beautiful stately home which has always been a focal point, especially at Christmastime.

They may sing along with somebody at the piano, and even hire entertainment twice a month...

          We have an in-house entertainer/activity director who can throw a

  • Mardi Gras bead toss on the balcony,

  • Easter Eggstravaganza hunt in the field,

  • 4th of July Patriotic picnic by the pond,

  • Country hoedown with actual hayrides,

  • Summer carnival on the patio,

  • Poodle Skirt Sock hop,

  • Lively Luau,

  • Mexican Fiesta,

  • Oktoberfest polka party,

  • Karaoke contest

  • ...A different theme every week.  (Activities every day.)

              SUMMARY:  Bed & Breakfast-style residence

                                   + Retreat style 80 acre campus for

                                              A) invigorating & healthy activities and

                                              B) relaxing recreation

                                   + indoor spa-like amenities

                                   + inhouse entertainment

                              =  our competitive edge


See Trina's partial list of senior clients


At any given time 1-4 persons of elder age were taken in by my parents to live with us.  As I was growing up until college, I was exposed to the various needs of the people living with us at our home.  From my parents' guidance I learned many aspects of how to effectively provide for these relatives and maintain their needs to ensure their comfort and well-being, so they could live with security in their golden years. I find this is a rewarding work endeavor to participate in. 

I've been professionally involved with the elder care business for over 30 years.  The link above is a partial list of my business clients that I work for now.  As you can see, these are the top successful businesses in the elder care field here.

I am also enclosing a partial list of former clients from that part of my business that involved elder care in Long Island, NY, which I moved to West Virginia in 2008  in order to fulfill my mother's will.  My relationships with members of all different levels of their staffing, from administrators to housekeepers and all areas in between, put me in the unique position to have the ability to draw from their proven success.  This will be an invaluable resource on any issue that may come up, to ensure the success of Emerald Acres.    My plan is simple:  Don't reinvent the wheel; just take all the proven successful business models and tailor them for use in my business plan that will ensure the success of Emerald Acres.

My 30 years business experience includes accounting, marketing, production, and all other areas of a normal running business identity. 

I also have a small real estate business in which I buy and renovate properties for the purpose of renting.


* Since I moved here to fulfill my mother's will in 2008, I had to re-start my own business from scratch.  I cultivated all new clients and was up to speed in three years.  By 2012 I surpassed my NY roster, and in 2014 raised my rates, proving that my business acumen, my capabilities in the eldercare field, and the eldercare business itself are successful. 

* Like my own business, I've also already setup an 888 P.O. Box, an 888 phone number, and a domain/website for Emerald Acres.

* My business's  self-designed website, TrinaJanura.com shows more indepth eldercare interpersonal experience on the "Senior Living Album" page.

* While having the mature trees of our woods timbered, I negotiated with the logging company to put in 3 miles of trails through the woods, and also to clear brush in certain areas, and grade the area by the barn....at no charge to the estate.


I have an understanding of the industry, but planning is about making good decisions, applying focus and enforcing priorities, not about testing knowledge.


 Several Expansions & Other Future Goals for the next decade on our 80 acres


* The manor north wing extended for 16 residents plus an enlarged dining & multipurpose indoor/outdoor area

* 10-acre strawberry field secluded location developed into a circular layout of several housings nestled into the

          wooded perimeter, surrounding a central clubhouse/dining/pool/courtyard area

* A transportation van making planned & spontaneous trips for shopping and entertainment outings

* Our barn used to its fullest extent:

          * Barn lower level used to house snowmobiles, skiis, ATVs, dirtbikes, a sleigh and horses

          * Barn upper lever possibilites as storage/gathering place/barn dance/hoe-downs... 

* Area near the barn with a fenced space around creek, and construction of stables for horses

              (as it used to be for our 2 cows)

* Springhouse for storing Paddleboats, fishing gear & pond accoutrements and as a summer snack bar area

* Our 3 miles of trails with year-round cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ATV/dirtbiking, horseback riding, etc.

* Field below orchard possibilities for tennis/badminton/volleyball, bocci ball, croquet or other such activities.

* The pond year-round recreation including swimming, fishing, and boating, as well as ice-skating

* Tractor-pulled hayrides and horse-drawn sleighrides during Autumn and Winter 

* Sauna room, steambath/hot-tub, indoor pool, exercise room with new equipment added could help us compete

          with the higher end spa-type places.

* More amenities and activities offered could expand our rates and target market segment, which would include

          more affluent, younger, active couples.

Whether in-house promo production...(click)

  * layout for web (TrinaJanura.com),
              * ad copy for print (Chartbeat magazine co-editor), 
I have extensive experience in producing all these finished products within my own business.  



Since December 2007, I have done extensive research in the elder care housing market, including demographics for marketing, cost comparisons, dietary, activities and interests, health and well-being, growing market trends, and just about every aspect of elder care housing. 


Market research is showing that people are staying healthier longer. 
Therefore, although Emerald Acres is independent living,
we could still possibly attract an age span of over 30 years;
from age 55 to 85 and beyond!



The 50 mile radius including the Greater Pittsburgh area, which recently has continually been voted a top place to live and retire in the U.S., has a heavily weighted elderly demographics with a large baby boomer population. It is also part of the RUSTBELT retiree segment.



  • Census, market research and numerous periodical articles in the past TEN years have shown the Pittsburgh area to be a top choice for seniors to move. 
  • Our internet advertising will attract people from all other areas of the country who are considering living near this top-rated city with a "home-town pride".  Those who enjoy the change of seasons, cultural events, museums, college campuses, casinos, and of course the Steelers, Pens, Pirates and other sports, will consider us, since we are only 45 minutes away, and our rates will average approximately 10% less than those places in Pennsylvania closer to Pittsburgh.
  • From the three rivers at the "Burgh", to Wheeling's Ogelbay Park & Resort, to the Mountaineer Casino & Racetrack, to Tomlinson Run State Park & Pool, to the Star Lake amphitheatre, to several beautiful area golf courses and country clubs, there are numerous nearby attractions for  all youthful seniors.



One of our competitive edges is the beauty of our home and its scenic country setting with pond & woods.

I will capitalize on these features with photos in all ads, and a website that can feature a video tour as well.

  • I will launch an aggressive advertising campaign and a strong public relations effort, through interpersonal skills from my entertainment experience.
  •  I will be pro-active with direct mail of brochures and postcards, which has been successful in my own business.
  • I will have display/print ads in Pittsburgh and local magazines and papers.  (Ex: Pittsburgh FiftyFivePlus magazine prints 20,000 publications quarterly, and Pittsburgh Senior Directory distributes 60,000 books annually to hundreds of locations such as senior centers, senior housing, and special event expos.)
  • I will advertise in senior directories nationwide online. Several of these are free, and most have free listings for photos.(Ex: SeniorDirectory.com, 55+CommunityGuide.com, ActiveAdultLiving.com, SeniorHousing.net, B&Bfinder.com, 55places.com, Retirenet.com, PrivateCommunities.com, SeniorHomes.com, RetirementCommunities.com, etc.)
  • I will use radio spots, such as Adult Contemporary. Pittsburgh station WISH-FM with Delilah is a perfect example, and I could do the voice-over for promotional ads, as she would.  (Ex: WISH-FM offers several packages, from 15 sec, 30 sec, and 60 sec spots with very reasonable rates on weekends and evenings.)
  • Just as the phenomenon "Happy" song went viral with videos of everyone dancing, my own original song "Time Freeze"  features a "live for today/forever 17" theme, and the twist is that seniors are dancing and having fun; A video promo tool.
  • I will network the area, post ads at the senior centers, referral agencies, and other places with (free) billboards.
  • I will post ads at over 50 places where I perform, which are nursing homes that do not view us as competition. In fact, many assisted living/nursing homes in the area would be happy to offer bulletin board space with our reciprocal reference.
  • We will have open houses.


Out of 9 lifestyle market segments of the "Over 55" age group, we will attract most of our population from the following 4 segments: 

              1) Rustbelt Retirees: Married couples, with no children, or singles content to stay put in Rustbelt industrial cities; 67 percent located in the Northeast and Midwest.


               2) Prosperous Empty Nesters: Active, affluent married couples with no children at home, transitioning from child-rearing to retirement; found throughout the US, with many located on each of the coasts.  83% of the oldest baby boomers are empty nesters.


               3) Heartland Communities: Small-town neighborhoods with a country lifestyle in the Midwest and South


               4) Retirement Communities: Older, educated singles who live alone in multiunit buildings or assisted-living facilities; found mostly in cities scattered around the US.


  • At first, we will appeal more to the Rustbelt Retirees; those who already live in the area, and the 65+ older boomers, who look forward to simple relaxation.
  • As we grow, add amenities and expand our visibility online, we will attract a higher percentage of the 55-65 age group (the younger boomers), and more of the affluent Empty Nesters from across the country, thus broadening those segments. 

(sources: US census, bestplaces.net) 

Click here for detailed marketing research from 2010 Census Data




I've gathered brochures, menus, rates, postcards, activities, photos, videos, application forms, move-out rules, dozens of insider information forms, and much more from successful retirement homes in the area. 

These invaluable pre-made templates of this proven market research that I have collected is at our fingertips.  

We can personalize our home project and our promotions, using all of their successfully developed tools as a blueprint and guide, an asset worth thousands.



  • I will advertise in the Pittsburgh area magazines and radio to attract the large "Over 55" segment of this area, which includes 67% of the Rustbelt Retirees.
  • I will advertise in online senior guides to attract folks from all areas of the country, including the Prosperous Empty Nesters and  Retirement Communities.
  • Our photo advertising will feature the beautiful setting of our home and highlight the scenic countryside, capturing the beauties of each season.  This is an attraction for anyone who wants peaceful relaxation,including  the  Heartland Communities segment,  those who prefer a country lifestyle.


We are unique in the area, as we exemplify the trend toward smaller and "homey", yet grand in our appearance.   And we will have most of the same wonderful features and amenities, in a smaller and more personalized setting. 

A large facility is for those who choose to live in a hotel. 


Those who like the B&B atmosphere will choose us.




Click here for more photos of Mom & Dad at work!

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